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Consumers Want Privacy

Consumers are waking to the importance of privacy. Parents have grown uncomfortable with pervasive surveillance from mobile phones, computers, and now, smart speakers. They want to have a great experience without sacrificing their kids’ privacy. The privacy risk comes from the fact that big technology companies, tend to store, process, and even share voice data they collect through these devices. Though the data is usually only being shared with different divisions within the same company, the more often data is shared, the more likely it is to be compromised. as an offline speech to text engine does not collect any data (personal or audio) from kids and no data is ever transferred or stored to cloud-based servers.


Compliance Regulations Are Real!

Understanding privacy laws such as GDPR, GDPR-K, COPPA and the new CA legislations is very complex, when it pertains to children. Passed in 2000, COPPA dramatically shifted that paradigm and mandated clearly expressed and verifiable parental consent before any information on children under the age of 13 may be collected. GDPR-K is almost identical to COPPA except that the definition of “child” is increased to the age of 16 in Germany, Netherlands and France. GDPR, COPPA and the CA Privacy Act all require parental consent to collect and sell the personal data of a child — under 16 for GDPR and the new CA privacy law and under 13 for COPPA. In reality all companies doing business in the US and EU countries should fully comply with these regulations or face significant damages either by paying hefty fines or by having to pull products off the shelves.


Latency is Key

Though current voice-based technology is impressive, there are still many imperfections that impact user experience. One of the primary issues faced by using cloud-based products is that internet connectivity can deeply impact response time and cause confusion. This issue is amplified when technology is already struggling to handle the more difficult aspects of understanding the complexity of a child’s speech pattern. Embedded KidSense offers the fastest latency in the space.

Focus on Kids is specifically created—rather than adapted from existing adult voice recognition tech—for handling the various issues that confront AI scientists wanting to build products that understand and assess how children speak. Children have a maturing linguistic pattern and is designed to understand them through this process.


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