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Children Are Special

  • Children have fundamentally different speech anatomy than adults.
  • Early years are the most important time for children, it’s when they are interacting with their environment and learning from every interaction, it is essential that they be heard and understood properly.
  • Children’s overall speaking rate is slower compared to adults and they have unevenness in speech spontaneity, rate of speaking, and vocal effort.
  • Children are more likely to use “incorrect pronunciations, ungrammatical phrases, and imaginative words.”
  • Children have a hard time communicating with smart devices and educational apps because they simply don’t understand them.

Automatic Speech Recognition Problem in Children

The recognition of children’s speech through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is substantially more difficult for children’s speech than for adults’.

It has been described that error rates in word recognition can be up to 100% worse for children’s speech when compared with adults’ speech.

Using acoustic models trained on speeches from adults results in very high error rates when applied to children data.

Current approaches to ASR for children’s speech fail to take into account the chronological sequence of stages at which children acquire the ability to produce particular speech sounds accurately.

KidSense Technology

  • KidSense is built by a team of neuroscientists and artificial intelligence engineers who have made a revolutionary endeavor to integrate fundamentals of language acquisition in early childhood with latest advances in AI.
  • KidSense is a novel neuroscience-based speech recognition engine and is built on integrating a number of language and acoustic models for high efficacy.
  • Kidsense currently provides services such as speech to text and speech/pronunciation evaluation through its cognitive analysis capabilities.
  • We also provide dual-language speech recognition capabilities, making it a unique tool to provide a medium for language teaching products.
  • Kidsense not only recognizes children speech, it also correctly identifies areas of mispronunciation.

KidSense Key Features

These features separate KidSense from it’s competitors

Specifically Designed for Children

KidSense’s data is build on children’s speech samples which gives it the ability to recognize their speech more accurately.

Simultaneous Multilingual Recognition

KidSense has the capability to recognize two languages at the same time and transcribe it.

High Accuracy for Children

KidSense achieves high accuracy speech recognition for native and non-native children’s speech.

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