Enabling Children to Communicate with Technology Around Them


Converts Children’s Speech to

Text in Real Time

Speech Evaluation

Obtain Quantitative Assessment

on Children’s Speech

KidSense Services

KidSense is a cloud-based and real-time children’s speech recognition technology that supports many languages

Speech To Text

  • Speech to Text in Real Time
  • Available in both Online and Embedded (Offline)
  • Easy integration in iOS, Android, etc.
    Deep neural network speech recognition technology to assess children’s speech in ‘real world’ environments such as schools, homes, etc.
  • Customized solutions for specific applications

Speech Evaluation

  • Automatic Assessment on pronunciation skills
  • True evaluation on grammar
  • Cognitive assessment with real time results
  • Customizable scoring systems based on variety of variables
  • Scalable process for educational institutes


Specifically Designed for Children

Data is trained specifically with children’s voice samples which makes it recognize their speech more accurately.

Embedded Solutions

KidSense offers offline solutions with same efficacy of online ASR.

Predictive Pricing

Both Online and Offline solutions are designed to provide predictive pricings.

Multiple Languages

Supports multiple languages.

Natural Language Processing

Key information such as names, objects and more can be extracted from speech.

High accuracy for Children

Data collection specifically targets children’s speech to achieve high accuracy speech recognition.

Simultaneous multilingual recognition

Two languages can be spoken and recognized at the same time.

Pronunciation Assessment

Can evaluate pronunciation down to the sound level.

Intent and Entity Extraction

Can extract user’s intention from speech.

Real time

It has the ability to have real time speech recognition.


Why is KidSense the best?

Unbeatable Quality

KidSense best-in-class technology offers highest efficacy in children speech recognition. We have data to prove it!

Superior Scalability

Our services are highly scalable and offer customized solutions for any project with any size and demand.

Flexible Pricing

KidSense is the only speech recognition engine that provides an arry of services in decoding children’s speeches. We offer best pricing in the industry!

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