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Privacy Policy

Kadho, Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of everyone registered to use its website and mobile App and providing a safe and secure user experience. The following Privacy Policy is part of Kadho’s Terms of Service and applies to the use of Kadho online at and on mobile devices. This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, secure, and share information pertaining to our users and any other individuals who purchase Kadho’s products. Kadho will not provide any personal information to third-parties for marketing purposes. Kadho and third-parties may use Kadho’s aggregate data, not including any personal information, for analytical purposes. Personal information will be used by Kadho or third-parties to analyze web traffic, track customer service, and perform other business tasks. Data obtained by Kadho from account holders or users in connection with use of its website or Apps may be shared with third-parties or Kadho’s corporate affiliates for the purposes of processing payments, analyzing web traffic and customer service requests, marketing purposes or performing other tasks essential to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Kadho’s products and services. Personal information of account holders and users, however, will not be divulged to third-parties for any purposes without the consent of account holders. If account holders agree to participate in a Kadho sponsored or authorized research project, personal information may be released under specified terms and conditions. Third-parties or entities involved in research projects also will have to handle all information from Kadho’s account holders and users in ways that comply with Kadho’s Privacy Policy. Kadho may be required to disclose information obtained from account holders to comply with law enforcement requests, subpoenas, court orders or other legal requests that are verified by Kadho. In the event that Kadho plans to sell all or any part of its business, transfer or merge assets or in the event of bankruptcy, users will be notified so that they can make decisions about removal or deletion of their personal information. Account holders can access, review and correct registration and other information in Kadho collected about them by either logging into their account or by contacting Kadho directly. Kadho will make a reasonable effort to accommodate such requests in a manner consistent with Kadho’s security policies and practices pertaining to the modification, removal, disclosure or transmission of personal information in the United States or internationally. This Privacy Policy may be updated or modified from time to time. In the event that Kadho plans to make any material changes in its Privacy Policy, account holders will be notified of the proposed changes 45 days in advance of these changes and will have the opportunity to respond. Continued use of Kadho after that period will constitute consent to the proposed Privacy Policy changes.