Edge Voice-AI Solutions for Children to Speak to Technology, Securely!

What Does
KidSense Offer?

  • The quickest and most accurate speech recognition for children between ages 4 and 12.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Easy to use Developer Tools (API).
  • Sophisticated Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for children based on Neural Network Artificial intelligence.
  • A large number of rapidly growing domains that are specific to kids.
    Supports simultaneous dual speech recognition.

The Science of KidSense

What are the key differences between
children’s speech and adult’s speech?

KidSense Engine

Embedded (Offline) and real-time speech recognition technology in many languages

Speech to Text

Converts Children’s Speech to Text in Real Time

Speech Evaluation

Obtain Quantitative Assessment on Children’s Speech

Why KidSense?

Consumers Want Privacy

Parents have grown uncomfortable with pervasive surveillance from mobile phones, computers, and now, smart speakers.

Security Risk is Real

The safety of children’s personal data is something most parents are now prioritizing.

Latency is Key

Embedded KidSense offers the fastest latency in the space.

Focus on Kids

Children have maturing linguistic pattern and KidSense.ai is designed to understand them through this process.

How Does KidSense compare to others?


√ Specially designed to deliver the highest accuracy for children.
√ Designed for native and non-native speaking children.
√ Trained on real world data in various environments.
√ Supports simultaneous dual speech recognition
√ Pronunciation assessment for language learning.
√ Customizable for unique situations.


× Accuracy for children’s speech is substantially lower.
× Only designed to target native adult speakers.
× Relies heavily on clean labeled audio data.
× Only recognizes one language at a time.
× Mispronounced words are recognized incorrectly.
× Generic model that fits only li class=”x” mited situations.

Kidsense.ai Presenting Edge Voice-AI (Speech Recognition) for Children at TechCrunch Disrupt 2018

KidsSense Application Domain

KidSens is designed for developers to make speech to text integration easy.

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