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The Future of Children’s Education Starts with

KidSense.AI and Roybi Robot


Meet The World’s Most Powerful Technology

KidSense.AI is the revolutionary engine for children’s automatic speech recognition in multiple languages and speech assessment.

With over five years of data, KidSense is the only voice AI tailored towards children in English, Mandarin, Korean, and more.

COPPA & GDPR-K Compliant

Highly Secured on AWS

Least Delay in Voice Recognition

For Children's Languages



The Science of KidSense


Data is trained specifically with children’s voice samples which makes it recognize their speech more accurately even if two languages are spoken at the same time.

Also, KidSense can evaluate pronunciation down to the sound level making it the only ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) to help children in early childhood education.


 KidSense Cutting-Edge Features

KidSense Speech-to-Text:

Converts children’s speech to text in real time and can recognize multiple languages and assess  speech in real time in schools or homes.

KidSense Edge ASR:

The ASR layer is fully embedded language+acoustic models and provides super fast latency and highest accuracy in kids space.

KidSense Safeguard:

Safeguard is a security measure that contains voice diarization and filtering technology to ensure voice-first devices remain compliant!

KidSense Assessment:

Assistant feature is an online-based stack that provides content domains and text to speech services.

How Does KidSense Compare to Others?

KidSense + Roybi Robot

 Designed to deliver the highest accuracy for children.
 Designed for native and non-native speaking children.
 Trained on real world data in various environments.
 Supports simultaneous dual speech recognition.
 Pronunciation assessment for language learning.
 Less screen time, more learning through play.


× Accuracy for children’s speech is substantially lower.
× Only designed to target native adult speakers.
× Relies heavily on clean labeled audio data.
× Only recognizes one language at a time.
× Mispronounced words are recognized incorrectly.
× Spending hours in front of TV, tablets, and phones.

KidSense.AI Debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt



Do you have any questions?

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